Equestrian Events Package (3-1)

This timing system package is ideal for equestrian events, such as english horse riding and show jumping events.


  • 2 x sets of single/dual gates
  • 4 x tri-stands
  • Controller unit
  • Chargers & cables
  • Hard carry case with custom foam insert


  • Quick and easy setup of wireless gates.
  • The timing system supports up to six sets of gates for extended event features.
  • Jump and time faults are calculated and displayed on screen instantaneously, and progressive summary is shown at the end of the timed event.
  • User defined rule set for faults, based on faults per second for first round and jump-off rounds.
  • Ability to use additional gates for timed power and speed events.
  • User can select from 32 different horn tones, for each timed section of the event i.e. start, finish, faults etc.
  • LED Scoreboard Support – up to 6 units Supported

Optional Extras

  • Additional set of gates with rechargeable batteries and tripods
  • Pole Clamps for additional mounting options ( set of 4)
  • Up to 2 wireless hand-switches, which allow the user to stop, start, pause, and reset the timer.
  • Wireless LED Scoreboards Options 6″ and 14″
    • Mono (Red or Grn), Dual(Red,Grn,Yel) , RGB ( 7 color) ,12V DC AUX options


  • 2 x sets of single/dual gates, with rechargeable battery and stands
  • Controller unit with battery
  • Universal 6amp 6 port USB charger
  • USB voltage/ current monitor
  • 5 x USB to USB – b cables – 500mm long
  • Type 2 gate  carry case + custom foam insert
  • 4 x base 1.3m tri-stands for type 2 gates