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 K9-GTS  Timing Systems now installed in USA , UK ,Australia, Ukriane,Germany, NZ  and  Asia


SMW Electronics are the makers of the K9-GTS Gated Timing System, supporting the below timed activities:

  1. Electronic Sports Timing
  2. Dog Agility Events + Snooker, Gamblers (Package 2- full height multi Sensor system )check out new videos on dog agility
    Why Full Hieght Multi Sensor Gates , Not Single Sensor for Club Dog Agility – Click Here

  3. Athlete Speed  Training
  4. Motor Sports
  5. English Riding Events
  6. Western Riding  Events
  7. Barrel racing
  8. Roping Events
  9. Cutting Events
  10. Bull Riding
  11. Ranch Sorting  / Team Penning
  12. Lap Timer
  13. Split Time of Gates
  14. Drone Race Lap Timing

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