K9-GTS Integrating Timing System

The K9-GTS Product is a integrated timing System with multi IR beam sender / receiver wireless gates,  that can time athletes/dog trial/horse jumping and any timing requiring a single timed individual or animal though a timing gate.

K9GTS Product Overview

The K9-Gate Timer System is can be used for many timing events such as dog agility trial, Motor sports , speed training , Riding events, Athletic Events

The K9-GTS Controller Console  and System  supports:

  • Up to 6 active RF encrypted Wireless gates on the system
    • Type 1 Gates are 1.3meter high with Multi IR Beams
    • Type 2 Gates are single / Dual IR Beam units
  • Support for 2 active  Rf Wireless Handswitch for manual start/ stop/clear time as an accurate stopwatch and for special event usage.
  • RF Collar ID –  when worn  , allows  automatic  unique tracking ID for each trial / run for statically review though the K9-GTS system log.
  • Calculation of speed and split time speed information is  done when course distance is entered.
  • Large database of run times details for events  are kept per run for review
  • Large LED Display scoreboard option.

Key Advantages Of  K9 Console over a Laptop/Tablet/Mobile Platforms Timing 

Other timing systems can require you to purchase or dedicate a Laptop / Tablet or Mobile to use their  Timing system,   This approach has many pitfalls apart from the traditional cost of the Laptop / Tablet or Mobile Phone  over a specifically designed Timing Console as the K9 Controller

K9 Controller has the advantages of

  1. No Additional cost to  start to use the system to get going
  2. No virus issues ever
  3. No need to reconfigure software running in background which can effect timing / interruptions / other users changes to programs.
  4. No high battery Power use over long trials that can last 8 hours or more on event days , most laptops cant last that long with full screen brightness
  5. No Display Screen issues  in direct sunlight
  6. Dedicated keyboard for the events , no keyboard overlays to use
  7. No RF distance problems with K9  controller , as a computer/tablet/mobile phones require Bluetooth to interface to the Timing Gate equipment , which has range problems greater than 15 meters as all have different range ability, non ever work at 50 meters or more.

These issues are why the system does not to use a laptop/tablet / mobile ph as the key timing device for a timing system

Product Features

The K9-GTS system has unique features that provide many options for sports  and animal Trial and Training Event timing.   System horn sound option at key start/ stop/ countdown points allowing for combinations of events notifications.

There are 5 key parts the K9-GTS system which allow for accurate and flexible timing of the events

  1. K9-GTS Controller – the main timing device and core recorder of the events,linked Via Encrypted Wireless communication
  2. IR Timing Gates – combination IR Beam trigger  and RF Wireless system to communicate to  K9-GTS controller.   10 Sensor – Type1 , Single / Dual -Type2
  3. K9-GTS Handswitch  – RF wireless hand controller that can stat/stop/ reset and have specific uses in events where is required
  4. Collar ID – The device is enclosed into a collar or wrist / arm band and notifies the system of unique code , that is added to records automatically when ever crossing the the beam of the gates , it allows for specific tracking within the records
  5. Large 6″ LED Scoreboard  – Is NOW Available using RF wireless communication , 6 concurrent Scoreboards are  supported by the 1 base system and can display multi times for event
  6.  Huge 14″ LED Dual colour Scoreboard  ( Red/Green /Yellow) – New 2022

K9 Controller Console

  • Supports up to 6 active RF Gates
  • Support up to 2 active  RF Handswitch Units
  • Encrypted 16 RF channels , 2.4ghz  (able to use in UK,USA Europe, Australia) available for Gates and Handswitch uses
  • 2 Horn system outputs –  Relay type and PA sound output
  • 12 Events specific  programs with active development of additional features
  • Inbuilt LIon Battery recharge system using Mini USB connection
  • Included  3200mAh high quality performance Batteries
  • Comprehensive battery Monitoring system for controller ,all gates, Handswitch on system
  • Previous Times , split time records for each event up to 512 records stored per event
  • Specific Event support and programming including  –
      • General Sprint- Point A to B ,with Split-times available
      • Dog Agility & games ( Snooker, Gamblers, Blackjack)
      • Lap timing – Athletics , Motor Racing
      • Horse Events – Power & Speed, Show Jumping 1st Rd, Jump-off,Roping, Cutting Events
  • Accurate High precision Timing Clock ( TCXO) base for 1/100th p/sec timing
  • Real Time Clock/ Date function inbuilt
  • RF remote Scoreboard Display support20170901_084100

K9 Handswitch Unit Features 

  • Selectable as Handswitch unit 1 or 2 allows easy change of program event features used for the handswitch
  • Multi Mode event selection feature to allow several event specific option at same time .
  • Large and firm feedback , long use custom Membrane switches
  • Inbuilt finder , Unit On reminder / battery monitor
  • Support 16 RF channels
  • Inbuilt re charger and rechargeable battery Option via Mini USB port
  • USB port or RF Configuration of Features
  • 100 meter range Rf communication to K9 Controller Console
  • 24 hours battery life( under constant Use) before recharge, 72hours if non charge battery Used


Multi Sensor IR Gates – Type 1 Features

  • 10 sensor pole –  1.2 meter ir curtain –  so no need to keep changing for shorter /higher  detection height, removes any chance of missed beam breaks  and no realignment  required due to change of height .
    • Avoids Re-alignment or  missed triggers of a single beam gate for dogs this is why most clubs avoid single sensor gates.   The Full light curtain photo-sensors ensure the leading part of the dog is reliably and accurately detected – even with variations in dog jumping and running styles.
  • 100m RF communications range unit ( line of sight to K9-GTS Controller)
  • High quality 3200mAH – Batteries Supplied
  • IR-RX – Active Sensor selection and blocking Options for selective trigger
  • Builtin Charging system
  • RF and USB configuration options
  • Water resistant housing and Power Switch
  • Interchangeable battery packs
  • Optical separation min 1m -15meters ( dependent on IR-TX mode set)
  • Timed index multi send communications protocol over RF channel
  • 16 RF ch select options
  • IR-TX – Normal / High power mode – reduces battery usage when optic separation  is not large
  • Low Power Monitor system and alarm
  • Long battery usage before recharge
    •  IR-RX – 32 hours continue use and when aligned( on average)
    •  IR-TX – 14 Hours High power / 28 hours Normal power continue uses( on average)

Single /Dual Beam Gates

The gates allow for single and dual beam operation . With  optical distance IR POWER selection option of Low power (1-5meter) , Medium power (5-15meter), High Power (15-50meter)

This allows a lower cost entry point than the type 1 gates ,where single / dual beams would suit rather than multi beam gates , where the beam break alignment would not require a height changes per run.

Using a rechargeable battery able to operate at an average of 24 hours continues use, before charging, , has battery monitoring levels , mutli Rf channels

Packages all include the K9 controller, so advance features are  available using the type 2 gates.

6″ & 14″ LED Scoreboard Display – NEW 2022

  • Configuration and support for up to 6 LED scoreboard per controller per Event selected
  • DATE/Time display information options per display
  • Overtime /Timeleft / Countdown / Countdown Timeleft displays
  • Split-time / lap count  and specialised display times
  • Support specific Penalty times , info
  • Options for show LAPS/ Time faults/ Show-jump faults
  • Ability to show multi times / colours and formats on same display
  • Mono Display option ( Red or Green)
  • Dual Display ( Red/Green/Yellow( red+green) – New 2022
  • RGB Display ( 7 colours) – NEW 2022
  • Expandable support for Larger LED displays
  • Expandable display information other than just Time information
  • Most Display options shown on main console are able to be shown as selectable options on multiple K9-GTS LED Scoreboards

       Scoreboard Hardware Features

  • 6”(160mm) or 14″( 355mm) high brightness LED display unit
  • Wireless RF communications – no data cables
  • 110v/ 220v CE and UL Certified PSU
  •  12V external battery option + battery cable  available for 6″ displays
  • Mono, Dual , RGB display option
  • Waterproof heavy duty cabinet with high quality power connectors
  • Metal carry handle
  • Supplied heavy duty 2.5m tri-stand and t-bar with star handle mounting bolts and stand carry bag
  • Remote Brightness Control / RF CH & ID/ Colour selection/ Time & Date display
  • AU plug power cable supplied ( UK or USA or EU plug adaptor supplied as required )

Other Details on Product are

  • Developed and manufactured in Australia 
  • Warranty for 12 months on product hardware   ( refer warranty exclusion details).
  • All Rechargeable batteries supplied , No high ongoing usage costs –  Supplied with high quality  and performance Made in Japan Panasonic Batteries for IR gates and K9-GTS  controller.
  • Includes  international 6 port , High current (6A)  USB rapid charger and High quality USB cables for the Type1 gate poles , K9-GTS controller ( depends on Sales Package options)
  • Pole Carry bag and 4 stands , Stand accessories
  • K9 Controller carry case with custom designed EVA Foam
  • Optional Hard Carry Case for poles , charger ,controller


There are three different package types and additional optional available for the K9-GTS.

  • Package 1: Base System
  • Package 2: Base System + 2nd Gate Pole
  • Package 3: Single/Dual Beam Gates
  • Additional Options

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