K9-GTS Integrating Timing System

The K9-GTS Product is a Integrated Wireless Timing System with …

Main K9-GTS Controller Unit paired with either

  1.             Multi IR Beam Wireless Gates – 10 Sensors Pole – Type 1 
  2.             Single/Dual IR beam Wireless Gates – Type 2
  3.             Option K9-GTS Handswitch unit to remotely start/stop/reset an event
  4.             New K9 -GTS Wireless 6″ LED Scoreboards

  System gives  accurate timing to 1/100th per sec  trials of

  • Individual Timed Athletics Events
  • Animal Agility and Training Events
  • Specially Event Timing for Horse Jumping,  Bull riding, Team penning , Lap Timing
  • Any timing requiring a single timed individual or animal though a timing gate.
  • Additional Event Specific Programming  –  can be added to the system under our development program

After Market Steel  bases – Type 1 pole

The Type 1 sensor poles include standard tripod stand and fitting with all packages , however some clubs wanted a heaver metal stand base for the sensor poles

An optional after market fold-able steel  base can be purchased for the type 1 gates  and includes a protective carry bag for the stands

Steel Bases can be ordered separately or combined when purchasing a package. Use contact form for pricing

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