Ver 0.84 Software Notes – K9 Controller

Software Update Legal Notification and Release notes 0.84 for K9 –GTS system   
Legal Notice

All contents of this  document, firmware updates / software updates referred to and works generated are the property of SMW Electronics Pty Ltd.

All information contained in this document and includes this agreement document  is proprietary  and any information generated either as an opinion or review, that is based in part or in full  resulted  from software updates implementation  is not to be released to any 3rd party , online chat or messaging methods  , videos and text based messaging , included in any testimonials or any written or referred information without specific written  permission and approval from SMW Electronics Pty Ltd.  Doing so  will be a breach of the conditions outlined within this software update  agreement and will be subject to  legal action being taken.

All technical information in this document is subject to change, and any software  release which includes any design information may have other features and requirements not outlined within this  document implemented.  

Further, SMW Electronics  gives no warranties or further extends existing warranties or  guaranties by installing  of firmware updates to equipment , including and not limited to the performance outcomes on the equipment  of any software updates being applied to equipment. 

SMW Electronics Pty Ltd offers the majority of  software updates for K9 system  free of charge , but reserves the right to charge for specific releases  and or custom  firmware updates which a user or group has requested .

The software updates Implementation costs, including the labour of implementing , handling ,repacking and notification of assisting shipping of equipment that software updates are applied to and or how SMW Electronics so decides the best method of updates maybe applied is at the discretion of SMW Electronics .

Any software update implementation shall be given  an estimated cost for the work to the user or group in writing within this document prior to the commencement of the software update being done and if the user / group decides to have any other backward or other firmware release , a fee for this service may be applied.

Firmware updates are released “AS IS” with features / fixes and or changes without warranty or commitment to resolve or improve stated outcome of effect on the equipment.

SMW Electronics may allow for firmware updates to be beta released for testing purposes for a period of time determined  by SMW Electronics and ANY person or group so nominated to receive such updates are also under the conditions stated by the terms outlined  on this agreement, and  have  no expectation that a release will be the same as tested, nor will such a release be considered final .

SMW Electronics reserves the right  do updates and release information at time frames at its  discretion and to withhold service or software updates when it believes  the user and or group has infringed upon the terms of this agreement .

The loss of existing configuration and times stored  is expected when a update is applied,  and is the responsibility  of the user or group to set the unit up for use when returned. 

All freight and or  customs/ inspection / storage cost where the equipment may require to be sent and returned to implement a software update  is at the end user cost.      

  1. The  cost for  Firmware release 0.84 for the K9-GTS system  to person or group stated on this document is no charge – FREE 

2.0   The cost of implementation  and handing fee for this user or  group for this update is given the estimated cost of  FREE of charge TO THIS USER OR GROUP


3.0     I as the user or person representing the group who use/own the equipment wishing to have the software update applied ,have read  and understand and agree to the terms and conditions stated within this document


1.0   Ver 0.84 Overview Notes

  Several items were identified for this  release for the K9 controller , some item have overlapped from previous releases and as such are updated  as found within each revision

This broad index of changes or added items for this release  and does not show each change or added item

This update is for fix bugs seen in horse events , add scoreboard display features for show jumping events, Speed and Power  horse events

2.0   0.84 code change / add notes

  • 2.1 New features
  •   Add menus and support for scoreboard colour selection for prime, secondary, additional  digit displays – colour options based on display type information
  •  updates of colour selection done in menu system/config Scoreboard/set colour/ brightness 
  •  Add Preliminary code support for 3 decimal place values on k9 controller and display for later use and release
  • add new scoreboard display support for laps ,showjump , subsplit counts / passes count info  
  •  add timeout notice  for event7,mct timeout to scoreboards notice      
  •   main support for Type2 gates and features sets

2.2.   Updates to existing features

  • Ver 0.83 bug –  Fix penalty /score key when pressed when timer is zero effects all events  causes a reset of the controller when pressed
    •  Ver 0.83 bug  – Fix start/stop key when pressed on start AND when a scoreboard is setup  and active causes a  delay of the  sound output and display delay by about 2 seconds    , however a gate/ handswitch  trigger will not cause a delay  – key start/stop routine Fixed 
    • Ver 0.83 bug  – Fix  event8,9 showjump not correct for countdown timeout starts , fix event overall , add more features for event on scoreboard information
    • Ver 0.83 bug  – fix event7 power and speed – when countdown jumps to clear to zero and continue – no trigger   is sent to clear time or update when add remaining countdown time is active , to scoreboard  display                             

 FIX  – add the clear and update when feature is active and sent                 

FIX –  add new scoreboard code for countdwn:act:clr use  and support              

   e.  Ver0.82 bug  – when gate 20min config timer test as expired for add gates in setup , time expired is  not cleared after redoing check , cleared when a reset of controller   – Fixed so that reset not needed    f. Hardware change note 1.60 to 1.70 now done ( manufacture notes – minor)

  f. Change scoreboard type information references for updated Scoreboard types

       Type 0 = 96x 16 pixel 6” Mono( red or Green) 

Type 1 = 96x 16 pixel 6”Dual ( Red/Green/Yellow ( Red+ Green))- New         

  Type 2  = 96x 16 pixel 6”RGB ( 7 colour )- New Option       

Type 4 = 128 x 32 pixel 14” Mono ( red or green) – New option

        Type 5 = 128 x 32 pixel 14” Dual ( Red/Green/Yellow ( Red+ Green))- New

      h. Update factory date/time settings in code for manufacture release